We strive to prevent you from standing still, to detect vulnerabilities before your operation is affected and to improve your industrial inspections. We bring you together with digital technologies and highly qualified experts to create progress that brings out the best of all. Together with you, we create continuous progess.

Progress matters.

This is what we stand for.

We drive progress and bring you together with digital technologies and highly qualified experts

We believe in driving continuous progress through preventing and predicting. Our passion is the heavy industry and our mission is to enable you to act instead of reacting and simplify inspection processes through digitalization — for continuous operation. Rely on our broad-based expertise and competencies in the heavy industry.

Rely on our broad-based expert knowledge for conveying technology in the heavy industry.

Conveying Technology

Intelligent solutions - with algoriths and analytics

Algorithms & Analytics

We know the challenges of industrial inspections and the needs of supervisors.

Digital Inspections

Save and GDPR conform data storage and vizualization.

Data Storage & Visualization

Rely on our competencies in online condition monitoring.

Online Condition Monitoring

Trust our latest sensor technology for reliable IoT-solutions.

Internet of Things


Any challenge ahead? Our services and digital solutions have been specifically developed for the heavy industry. We are dedicated to supporting you, being a strong, reliable and dynamic partner.

Michael Bruckhaus, Managing Director PREMAS

Michael Bruckhaus

Managing Director

Martina Meyer, Marketing & Organization PREMAS

Martina Meyer

Marketing & Organization

Carlos Pinzon, Digital Solutions PREMAS

Carlos Pinzon

Digital Solutions

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