In the heavy industry, people and machines work hard for uninterrupted conveying under extreme conditions. For them, standing still means not only no conveying, no ability to deliver, and no income, but also a loss of reliability and trust. Acting instead of reacting matters in order to detect vulnerabilities on your machine, proactively anticipate maintenance requirements, schedule necessary repairs, and spare parts before your operation is affected.

PREMAS® Inspect – Digital Inspection Solution

PREMAS Inspect App

Simplify your industrial inspection process with our digital solution specially made for the needs of supervisors. With PREMAS® Inspect we digitalize your inspection process – be it from creating the digital workflow, checklists, and protocols to customized reporting. We accompany you from the very first step until the process is perfectly smooth for you. The result: efficient inspections, smooth processes and access to all inspections and documentation — wherever you are, whenever you need it.

PREMAS® 4.0 – Predictive Maintenance Solution

PREMAS 4.0 Icon

In combination with regular inspections for preventive maintenance, PREMAS® 4.0 further enhances uninterrupted operation. PREMAS® 4.0 includes sensors, data acquisition based on IoT technology, and analytics. It provides information about the current condition of your conveyor system, supports you to proactively anticipate your maintenance requirements and spare parts needs and thus reduces costs and downtimes. Trust in the continuous operation of your machine – anytime and anywhere.

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