Our mission: open up new ways of doing business for machine manufacturers

Many machine manufacturers have been successful in the market for decades based on robust machines, stable markets, and loyal customers. With the growing globalization and market transparency, market rules constantly change. Customers expect high machine reliability, state-of-the-art products and services, and cost-efficiency. The pressure is high, so are their expectations.

Machine manufacturers face the challenge of increased competition, low-cost suppliers, interchangeable products, and new technologies transforming their markets. Market differentiation is therefore key to stay competitive in the long term.

We enable machine manufacturers to go new ways in their business based on Predicitive Maintenance.

About us: The Team

Our passion: Predictive Maintenance!

Progress matters! Standing still is no option to meet today´s needs of customers. We know: The expectations are high, the environment in the heavy industry extreme, and the price battle challenging. Every unforeseen machine breakdown means a loss of money, trust, and customer loyality – be it for machine manufacturers, the plants, or their customers. Machine reliability and exceptional services are therefore key for a long-term, loyal customer relationship!

We believe in Predictive Maintenance and it´s power to differentiate from the market. Machine insights reveal the unknown and the new. They play a crucial role to optimize and enhance machines, generate new revenue streams, and exceed customer expectations. This creates added value for all – machine manufacturers and their customers.

PREMAS® Beagle – the global Predictive Maintenance Solution

Our Predictive Maintenance Solution, PREMAS® Beagle, is specially built for machines in industries such as cement, mining, steel, wood, and grain. Thanks to its modular approach, our solution can be quickly adapted to a wide range of process critical machines such as conveying machines, dedusting systems, crushers and sizers.

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for Predictive Maintenance, made for the heavy industry
where our customers rely on our products & services
Years experience
in technology consulting, digital projects & solution delivery
Michael Bruckhaus, Managing Director, PREMAS

Michael Bruckhaus

Managing Director

Martina Meyer, Marketing & Organization, PREMAS

Martina Baggio

Marketing & Organization

Carlos Pinzon, Technical Director, PREMAS

Carlos Pinzon

Technical Director

Patrick Buholzer, Industrial IoT Developer, PREMAS

Patrick Buholzer

Industrial IoT Developer

Roberto Pasti

Sales Manager

Karin Oswald

Management Assistant

Progress matters! These are our values.
This is what we stand for

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