Our passion is technology.
Our target is strengthening the after sales services of
machine builders in the heavy industry.

We believe in driving continuous progress that matters. Intelligent technology and data insights have the power to bring products & services to the next level: it enables to learn from the past, predict the future and proactively act instead of reacting. This brings value for all – machines, its builders and its users.

PREMAS brings your afters sales services to the next level through intelligent technology and data.

Progress matters! Machine insights play a crucial role to optimize machines, meet customer needs proactively and take after sales services to the next level. Our mission is to empower the machine builder`s after sales services through intelligent technology and data. We deliver ready-to-use but flexible IoT solutions, which can be quickly adapted to a wide range of machines in the cement industry and similar industries.

Predictive maintenance solutions to improve your after sales services

Predictive maintenance solutions for process critical machines: flexible, modular & quickly adaptable to your needs.

Our predictive maintenance solution is specially built for machines in the cement industry and similar industries. Thanks to its modular approach, our solution can be quickly adapted to a wide range of process critical machines such as bucket elevators, dedusting systems, crushers and sizers.

Predictive maintenance hardware


The all-in-one hardware package which can be easily mounted on the machine: IoT Box & application specific sensors

Predictive Maintenance Software


Machine insights at a glimpse 24/7, anywhere: Machine dashboards, analytics, anomaly detection & notifications.

This is what we stand for

The PREMAS team: dedicated to create a unique selling proposition for your after sales services.

Create a unique selling proposition based on expert know-how and intelligent solutions from PREMAS. We are dedicated to support you, being a strong, reliable and dynamic partner.

Michael Bruckhaus, Managing Director

Michael Bruckhaus

Managing Director

Martina Meyer, Marketing & Organization


Marketing & Organization

Carlos Pinzon, Digital Solutions


Digital Solutions

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