In the heavy industry, people and machines work hard for uninterrupted conveying under extreme conditions. For them, standing still means not only no conveying, no ability to deliver, and no income, but also a loss of reliability and trust. Acting instead of reacting matters to provide unique after sales services to the customers! This is the reason why AUMUND Group entrusted us with the development of PREMAS® 4.0, a predictive maintenance solution for bucket elevators, and PREMAS® Inspect App, a digital inspection solution, which makes physical inspections as efficient as possible thanks to digitalized inspection processes.

PREMAS® 4.0 – Predictive Maintenance Solution

Reference Project: PREMAS® 4.0

In combination with regular inspections for preventive maintenance, the predictive maintenance solution, PREMAS® 4.0, further enhances uninterrupted operation in the heavy industry. It is specially developed for conveying equipment and is based on IoT technology, and analytics. It provides information about the current condition of conveyor systems, supports AUMUND to early recognize customer needs, proactively consult customers, and create new unique products and services. With this predictive maintenance solution, AUMUND can differenciate from its competitors with proactive, data based after sales services, which results in optimized costs, improved sales and unique AUMUND services.

PREMAS® Inspect – Digital Inspection Solution

Reference Project: PREMAS® Inspect App

As a superviser, doing physical inspections means travelling a lot, being in rural areas and taking time to consult and support customers best possible. Writing reports, doing lots of paperwork, and complicated processes are just a pain for them. AUMUND wanted to create an efficient inspection and after sales process and increase the quality of inspection reports. What we developed: a digital inspection solution, PREMAS® Inspect, which is smoothly running wherever the supervisors are, regardless of mobile internet connection. With the PREMAS® Inspect we not only digitalized AUMUND´s inspection and after sales process, but also increased the efficiency and quality of doing inspections worldwide.

The AUMUND Group of companies operates globally in various industries. It is a specialist in the field of conveying and storage equipment for a wide range of bulk materials with different characteristics. With our Predictive Maintenance Solution, PREMAS® 4.0, and PREMAS® Inspect, AUMUND expands its service portfolio to support its customers even better in the field of predictive maintenance.

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