The challenge:
Staying competitive in transforming markets.

Many machine manufacturers have been successful in the market for decades based on robust machines, stable markets, and loyal customers. With the growing globalization and transparency, market rules constantly change. Customers expect high machine reliability, state-of-the-art products and services, and cost-efficiency. The pressure is high, so are their expectations.

Machine manufacturers face the challenge of increased competition, low-cost suppliers, interchangeable products, and new technologies transforming their markets. Market differentiation is therefore key to stay competitive in the long term.

But how to differentiate?

the older the machine, the higher the risk - Predictive Maintenance can support you
The older the machine, the higher the risk of breakdowns and leveraging costs. Our Predictive Maintenance Solution brings machine manufacturers and its customers closer together to secure a high machine reliability and exceptional services. It opens new chances to differentiate from competitors with added value products and services.

The solution:
Market differentiation through Predictive Maintenance!

Smart machines with its insights enable machine manufacturers to learn from the past, predict the future and proactively act instead of reacting. Shape your business now and find new ways of market differentiation based on Predictive Maintenance. This brings value for all – you and your customers. Start with Predictive Maintenance and be the change you wish to see.

One Solution. Many ways.
Find new business options based on Predictive Mainteance.

Think out of the box! Predictive Maintenance opens new ways of doing your business differently.

Proactive Services & Sales

Recognize customer needs ahead and contact your customer proactively to provide fast and high-quality customer service.

New Revenue Streams

Classic machine sales is just one possible way to get revenue streams. Design new operation models and service packages based on data.

State-of-the-Art Products & Services

Be in the forefront of the market, set new standards and differentiate from competitors based on newest technologies! Upgrade old machines cost efficiently and create added value with smart machines and additional services.

Proactive Strategy for Maintenance & Repair

Enable your customers to switch from a reactive to a proactive, sustainable maintenance approach and maximum production. Your customer expects highest machine reliability and maximum production.

Optimized Machines & Parts

Learn more about your machine´s behavior, detect weaknesses and improve the quality and reliability of your machines and spare parts. Your customer focusses on machine reliability!

Rainer Furthmann, AUMUND Group

“We could have clearly gone to other market players. But we would never have been able to develop such a specific solution, tailored to us and our customers, as it was possible with PREMAS AG.”

Reiner Furthmann, Managing Director Technology, AUMUND

PREMAS Products & Services

A successful implementation of Predictive Maintenance means thinking out of the box and stay open-minded to find the best solution for you. It´s not only about the solution itself, but also about the process from the idea to successful establishment in the organization and market.

Predictive maintenance hardware

Predictive Maintenance

We convert your machine know-how into valuable insights.

Training & Know-how sharing is important to implement Predictive Maintenance

Training &

We make employees ready for Predictive Maintenance.

Predictive Maintenance implementation

Implementation &

We support you in establishing Predictive Maintenance.

PREMAS® Beagle – the global Predictive Maintenance Solution

Developing a completely new solution takes a lot of time. With PREMAS® Beagle, you will reach your goal much faster with a comparable result!

PREMAS® Beagle has been specially developed for the requirements of the heavy industry. It is a flexible, robust and IT / OT independent Predictive Maintenance Solution, which can be quickly adapted to a wide range of process critical machines in industries such as cement, mining, steel, wood, and grain. It is specially made for the extreme environment of the heavy industry and proven by our customers worldwide.

PREMAS® Beagle Components

From sensors to valuable machine insights – together with you, we define and build your individual Predictive Mainteance Solution, fully customized to your needs.

Application-Specific Sensors


Application specific sensors are added to the machine or component according requirements.

IoT Box for Predictive Maintenance

IoT Box

The IoT Box acquires the sensor signals, pre-processes them and transfers them via mobile cellular network into the cloud.



The PREMAS® Cloud receives data form the field, stores and processes them. Analytical process and anomaly detection is executed here.


PREMAS® Portal

PREMAS® Portal gives you 24/7 access to the data and defined KPIs.

Predictive Maintenance Solutions are a win-win for all

PREMAS® Beagle Features

PREMAS Beagle Dashboard for Predictive Maintenance

Made for industrial needs

Already in use with our customers

Modular & quickly adaptable

Made for global use

IT / OT independent solution

From project definition to your individual
Predictive Maintenance Solution in 6 steps.

Every machine has its own peculiarities. And so our customers and its industries. Together, we go through 6 steps to make Predictive Mainteannce happen for you in less than a year!

Together with you, we gain a deep understanding of your challenges, market, customers, needs & requirements. During this process, we act as sparring partner challenging status quo, sharing our experience and knowledge with you.

We test the idea by developing a minimal viable product (MVP). This helps us to realize the idea at low costs and to further challenge aspects we have not thought about before.

Based on the results of the POC, we develop the Predictive Maintenance Solution and run a test installation. Afterwards, we adjust the solution and incorporate the findings. With this, we can make sure you don´t loose much money by developing a solution that might not work in reality.

We finalize the Predictive Maintenance Solution and go into production (pre-production, mass production). At this stage, we can support you to successfully introduce the Predictive Maintenance Solution to your organization and market.

You start your first installations and commissioning of smart machines! But no worries. We accompany you step-by-step in this process in the form of first- and second-level support.

Congratulations! You are on your way of doing your business differently. Of course, new things and changes will be always on the road. Therefore, standing still is no option if you want to continuously improve your products and services based on data. Therefore, we are at your side, supporting you in operation, trouble shooting, data analysis, further improvements of your products and services, trainings and many more.

Smart machines matter, convinced people too.
Let´s all pull together to improve your business!

We deliver not only technology, but also support you in establishing Predictive Maintenance.

Why your business becomes unique with Predictive Maintenance

Machine insights play a crucial role to optimize machines, meet customer needs proactively and take yourbusiness to the next level. Based on Predictive Maintenance, machine manufacturers can rely on data and therefore learn and develop from facts than from assumptions! With Predicitive Maintenance you create a win-win-situation for all.

Act proactively

Know what happens & act instead of reacting: optimize your customer support and sales based on machine insights.

Reveal the new

Recognize customer needs ahead of the customer and create new products & services and therefore, new revenue streams.

Detect the hidden

Detect weaknesses of your machines and spare parts and optimize them to improve machine reliability and improve your cost structure.

Install it easily

Install the solution easily on existing and new machines, independent of its location around the globe.

Find solutions

Increase your responsiveness to your customers. Discuss customer claims and find constructive solutions based on machine insights & data history.

Be unique

Create a USP and differentiate from the market by combining your know-how with new insights and customer focused products and services.

Interested in Predictive Maintenance?

All about Predictive Maintenance! Let´s stay up-to-date together with our blog which contains our latest knowledge and experience in developing and implementing Predictive Maintenance Solutions.

PREMAS Team in front of the PREMAS 4.0 hardware package

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