Progress matters! Machine insights play a crucial role to optimize machines, meet customer needs proactively and take machine reliability and after sales services to the next level.

We deliver ready-to-use but flexible predictive maintenance solutions, which can be quickly adapted to a wide range of machines in the cement industry and similar industries. As machines and customer needs are unique, we accompany machine builders through the whole process – from project evaluation until delivery of the right IoT solution and 2nd level support. Keeping always in mind, how after sales services can be strengthened through data and technology. 

PREMAS Predictive Maintenance Solutions

3 Steps from evaluation to the delivery of the right predictive maintenance solution and data based after sales support.

1. Evaluation

  • After sales process analysis
  • Identification of critical weakpoints
  • Define project, roadmap and requirements
  • Identification of customer needs

2. Development

  • Design and analytics workshop
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Batch production
  • Product integration and launch

3. Execution

  • Training and sales workshops
  • Machine insights and analytics
  • Continuous product improvement
  • Sales, marketing and 2nd level support

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