Developed to make inspections smooth, efficient and easy wherever supervisors are: with PREMAS® Inspect, supervisors get guidance to check the condition of machines and create high-quality documentations right away. Simply by using a mobile device, opening PREMAS® Inspect, and creating detailed reporting including photo documentation during the physical inspection. They therefore not only save time during the inspection, but also reduce the workload for tedious reporting. Instead, supervisors can focus on what they are good at: professional inspections and consultancy of customers. No Paperwork, no additional documentation work after the inspection, and no complicated processes anymore!

PREMAS® Inspect
Key Features

Digital Workflows & Processes

Efficient inspection processes with digital, standardized workflows and processes.

High level of automation & standardization


Reduce your writing effort to the minimum with ready-made text modules.

Reduced writing effort, ready to use

Online Documentation & Reports

Check inspection documentations and generate inspection reports anytime, anywhere.

Access to all inspection details anytime

Inspection Dashboard & Analytics

PREMAS Analytics

Keep track of all inspections, status & tasks

Start digitalizing your inspection process, save time and reduce costs with PREMAS® Inspect – Digital Inspection Solution

  • Efficient, highly automated and customized inspection process
  • Access to all documentation and reports anytime, anywhere
  • Increased capacity for inspections
  • Reduced workload for inspection reports
  • Reduced writing efforts
  • Increased quality and detailed reports
  • Overview of the status and details of all inspections, tasks, timings, and responsible people anytime, anywhere
  • Usable online and offline with automatic synchronization

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