PREMAS® Portal – the online access to machine data and analytic results anytime, anywhere


The predictive maintenance solution is specially made for conveying equipment in the heavy industry such as belt or chain bucket elevators. PREMAS® Portal enables you to access your data anytime, anywhere, 24/7. One’s you installed the PREMAS® 4.0 hardware, the data will be sent through mobile connectivity to the PREMAS® Cloud. There, the data will be analyzed based on the latest technologies for predictive analytics (e.g. algorithms, machine learning …). The PREMAS® Portal visualizes and provides all relevant data for a complete online condition monitoring, securely online accessible to authorized users 24/7 through any mobile or desktop device.

The PREMAS® 4.0 software package: securely accessible machine data for authorized users, 24/7

PREMAS 4.0 Dashboard

Scope of Delivery

  • PREMAS® Cloud
  • Monitoring Dashboard
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Push Notifications

Key Features


PREMAS® Portal is cloud based
  • Secure data storage and user management
  • ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System Framework)
  • IEC 62443-4-1 (secure development lifecycle)
  • TLS network protocol

PREMAS® 4.0 Monitoring Dashboard

  • Online Condition monitoring of key machine components including indication for action
  • Knowledge about your machines 24/7
  • Access to real time trend monitor for detailed information about the
    key indicators
  • Detailed trend curves of each indicator
  • Push notifications in case of anomalies
  • Visual overview of
    multiple machines or
    multiple sites
PREMAS® Portal includes a monitoring dashboard

PREMAS® Analytics

PREMAS® Portal includes analytics
  • Combines insights from the crowd with individual machine learning and insider knowledge of the machine supplier
  • Purpose-design algorithms
  • Machine Learning
  • Anomaly Detection

Start monitoring, achieve piece of mind with PREMAS® 4.0 – Predictive Maintenance Solution

  • PREMAS 4.0 Benefits
  • PREMAS 4.0 Benefits
  • PREMAS 4.0 Benefits
  • PREMAS 4.0 Benefits

PREMAS® Portal keeps you informed about the condition of machines anytime, anywhere

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PREMAS® 4.0 Hardware

PREMAS® 4.0 Hardware

Simple installation with the plug and play hardware of PREMAS® 4.0.


PREMAS® 4.0 overview

Maximum production with additional safety & knowledge about the condition of machines.

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