The PREMAS® 4.0 plug & play hardware package for conveying equipment

PREMAS 4.0 hardware package

The predictive maintenance solution is specially made for conveying equipment in the heavy industry such as belt or chain bucket elevators. Every machine receives a hardware package. Provided field sensors as well as some existing signals from the plant control system will be connected to the IoT Box, which sends the collected data through mobile connectivity to the PREMAS® Cloud.

The hardware can be easily installed by each customer itself due to the plug & play approach. Simply install the box, connect it to the signals, log-in to the PREMAS® Portal and concentrate on your operation.

The PREMAS® 4.0 hardware package: compact, robust, easy to mount and connect

IoT Box

PREMAS 4.0 hardware package: IoT Box mounted
PREMAS 4.0 IoT Box
  • Compact (30x40x21 cm) and easy to mount (do-it-yourself-approach, mobile phone shown is not included)
  • Industrial ready: metal enclosure, dust proof (Nema 4/IP65), ambient temperature from -30°C to 70°C
  • Secure & reliable: Strong IoT solution with multi-layered security
    (ISO 27001)

Application-Specific Sensors

All necessary signals from the customer’s control room will be connected with the additionally provided sensors to monitor important machine components, which are specifically tailored based on customer’s needs and machine type.

PREMAS 4.0 Application Specific Sensors

Start monitoring, achieve piece of mind with PREMAS® 4.0 – Predictive Maintenance Solution

  • PREMAS 4.0 Benefits
  • PREMAS 4.0 Benefits
  • PREMAS 4.0 Benefits
  • PREMAS 4.0 Benefits

Plug & Play: receive one package, install it & concentrate on your operation

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PREMAS® 4.0 overview

Maximum production with additional safety & knowledge about the condition of machines.


PREMAS® Portal

Always informed about the machine condition, 24/7, anywhere

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