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Specially developed for AUMUND, PREMAS® 4.0 enables the early detection of wear and aging of important machine components at conveying equipment. The latest sensor technologies are combined with data acquisition and analysis to provide complete online condition monitoring of the machine. PREMAS® 4.0 keeps you informed about the condition of the machine in real-time. Thus, it enables you to plan ahead, act in time, and prevent possible problems. PREMAS® 4.0 can be applied to all types of conveying equipment.

Challenging environments require intelligent solutions to ensure smooth, reliable production. Secure uninterrupted conveying under extreme conditions with PREMAS® 4.0.

High pressure on production & machines
Increased workload & limited maintenance workforce
Remote areas & limited access to products & services

Check the condition of your machine 24/7 anywhere, anytime

Stay informed through push notifications in case of any anomaliy detection

Decrease costs for collaps failure, unplanned production stops and expensive emergency repairs

Stay informed about the condition of your machine 24/7 anywhere, anytime

Check the condition of your machine remotely – you need no extra stops for inspections of your machine

Benefit from increased machine reliability at high level of production

Plan your needs ahead, initiate your order process early to consider longer delivery times and get your spare parts on time, which is important, especially in remote areas

Reduce warehousing costs due to just in time delivery

Less routine inspection of elevator internals

Reduced express orders and costs

Early and better planning of inspections and maintenance

Contact remote support when you need it

«Reactive maintenance leads to unplanned stops, high costs and reduced production. Our aim is to avoid this – together with you!»

From machine operation to valuable insights – secure uninterrupted conveying under extreme conditions with PREMAS® 4.0.

The Predictive Maintenance Solution is specially developed for AUMUND and made for conveying equipment in the heavy industry such as belt or chain bucket elevators. Every machine receives a hardware package. Provided field sensors as well as some existing signals from the plant control system (motor current, level switch, speed switch, drift warning) will be connected to the IoT Box, which sends the collected data through mobile connectivity to the PREMAS® Cloud. There, the data will be analyzed based on the latest technologies for predictive analytics. The PREMAS® Portal visualizes and provides all relevant data for a complete online condition monitoring, securely online accessible to authorized users 24/7 through any mobile or desktop device.

Application-Specific Sensors

Application-Specific Sensors

Measure the condition of your machine



Receives, stores & analyzes data in real-time

IoT Box

PREMAS 4.0 IoT Box

Collects signal data & transfers it to the Cloud

PREMAS® Analytics

PREMAS Analytics

Generates & vizualizes equipment insights

All-in-one: the plug & play package for your machine

PREMAS® 4.0 Hardware

Simply install the IoT Box, connect it to the signals, log-in to the PREMAS® Portal.

PREMAS® Portal

Keep track of the condition of all machines – securely accessible anywhere, 24/7 on any device.

Start monitoring, achieve piece of mind with our PREMAS® 4.0 Predictive Maintenance Solution.

  • Optimized equipment availability and stoppages thanks to PREMAS® Analytics
  • Prevention of critical failures, degreasing costs for collapse failure thanks to PREMAS® Analytics
  • Timely planning of repairs and spare parts based on predictive information
  • Reduced maintenance costs, OPEX with PREMAS® Analytics
  • Increased machine reliability at high level of production through Online Condition Monitoring
  • Early and better planning of inspections and maintenance based on anomaly detection
  • Optimized planning for spare parts stocking based on PREMAS® Analytics
  • Simple handling and improved remote support by PREMAS® Support

Customer Reference

“We are convinced that predictive maintenance has a future.
With PREMAS® 4.0, we can plan spare parts and maintenance better, which has a positive effect on resources and costs. It enables us to immediately recognize where action is needed, regardless of time and place.”

Customer Statement of Ramona Keller, Maintenance Manager, JURA-Cement-Fabriken AG

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