The statistics paint a clear picture: In line with data from, the Industry 4.0 market is on track to surge to a value of 210 billion US dollars by 2026, a remarkable leap from the 70 billion recorded in 2019. While this growth holds significant promise in theory, the practical implications for individual businesses come into question. Similarly, how does this trend affect manufacturers of industrial machinery and equipment?

Setting the Cornerstone – Nurturing Comprehension

Machine manufacturers are faced with the pivotal task of guiding their customers into this new era of digital interconnection. One avenue toward this goal is through the adoption of Predictive Maintenance – a challenge, undoubtedly, yet one teeming with potential benefits for all stakeholders involved.

Here’s how you establish the essential prerequisites:

  • Assess your Corporate Strategy: Does it encompass Predictive Maintenance? Senior management must unequivocally embrace the principles of Industry 4.0, Smart Maintenance, and proactive customer service. The key here is to establish achievable objectives. For data-centric enterprises, it’s imperative to realize that Predictive Maintenance represents an investment in the future. This investment bolsters customer satisfaction, drives sales of machinery and spare parts, and ultimately leads to enhanced profit margins. Just as a successful quality strategy is built on the foundation of long-term thinking, the ROI of Predictive Maintenance thrives on the same principle.
  • Analysis of corporate culture: Do employees have a clear understanding of the problem that Predictive Maintenance aims to solve and why we are looking to implement it? Because: Predictive Maintenance takes us not only into the technical realm of early detection but also fundamentally changes the way work is approached. Proactive service takes the place of reactive order-taking – both within the company and from the customer’s perspective! Patience is key throughout this process. Shaping a corporate culture requires a well-defined strategy, extensive understanding, and time.
  • Determine Digital Maturity: Is your company prepared for Predictive Maintenance, but your customers are not? Although Predictive Maintenance is a widely discussed topic, the heavy industry sector continues to show a preference for conventional approaches over digital solutions. Recognize that, as a machinery manufacturer, you hold a pioneering role! Meet your customers where they currently stand and proactively evolve alongside them. Identify the priority challenges they face and systematically lead them towards achieving a Return on Investment.

Adhere to these three steps, and there will be no obstacles to the implementation of Predictive Maintenance!

Curious about how to proceed step by step to achieve your ROI? Continue reading in our next post.

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