The influence of digitalization of its environment – and how it changed my trip to London

The last days I enjoyed a city trip and recognized that the tourist’s world has changed tremendously. Some years ago (it might be 20) I was using city maps on paper to find my way. The innovation at that time were patent folded city maps from Falk, easy to handle, a nightmare to fold. In addition, I had the printed map of the public transport network and timetable in my left pocket.

Today, everybody is using a mobile phone with an interactive map – I have not spotted one paper map user in the streets, except the people still using printed city guides. Another observation is related to payment methods. Some people are paying by cash, but digital payment is available everywhere, even with the street musician! No coins, nor notes, no change! In the past, the ticket machine of public transport was like a book with seven seals and not my favorite at all. In the modern city you only pay digitally, or you once buy a travel card to pay contactless at entering the bus/tram/tube.

The result of this technological change is an added comfort when going from A to B. My digital map not only tells me the direction or which bus to use but knows as well about delays, detours, and alternative routes. Consequently, I do not have to add a safety margin if I want to be in time to my appointment and do not need additional time for money change and ticket purchase. It is all so easy – time and money saved.

Streetworker in London offer digital payment
New technologies influence the behavior of its environment. People prefer paying digitally and hardly use cash. This influences companies to adapt accordingly – from big companies to even street workers which nowadays offer digital payment in London.

What Predictive Maintenance has in common with the developments in London

I am sure, you ask yourself, what Predictive Maintenance has to do with a London trip. In my point of view: a lot! With the latest developments of IIoT technology and algorithms, Predictive Maintenance could change the professional world similarly.

Know ahead of time when failures develop

Based on Predictive Maintenance, the machine operator will know ahead of time when a failure develops and can initiate the related maintenance work (comparable with using the mobile app in London instead of using the printed timetable of the public transport). At the same time the OEM gets notified, too. He prepares the required parts and plans the service staff for the required intervention. This does not only reduce the unplanned downtime but also reduce the maintenance cost.

Offer proactive service models

If the machine is still maintained in a reactive way, Predictive Maintenance opens the door to offering new proactive service models aiming for maximum production. Together with changed maintenance processes, the OEM might even offer a full service, backed up by the online machine information.

create new operation models

Another starting point can be new operation models like “pay per use” or “pay per outcome” (as the street musicians offer new payment methods). Specifically, if CAPEX funding is a topic, these models can be the OEM’s answer.

Improve your products and services

Thanks to the well-known machine performance and condition, the OEM can detect machine weaknesses and improve the quality and reliability of his machines and spare parts, which is key for his customer. Furthermore, he can offer new products and services like machine optimization, refurbishments, or apply the observations for new developments (London: yes, no complicated ticket machine and no nightmare with offline cards anymore!).

Get there and make it happen

The integration of digital technologies, such as Predictive Maintenance, opens up new ways of doing business differently based on new business models and revenue streams, improved efficiency and productivity, and enhanced communication and collaboration. It also enables new forms of data collection and analysis, which can be used to gain insights and make more informed decisions.

the older the machine, the higher the risk - Predictive Maintenance can support you
Upgrade existing machines or install it at every new machine from the beginning – with the right Predictive Maintenance Solution such as PREMAS® Beagle, you realize it easily and independent of its location around the globe.

Of course, there are many solutions. However, while data acquisition, processing, storage, and visualization technologies are advanced and ready to use, machine-specific prediction still seems to be the sticking point. Each machine has its own requirements and environment to consider. Our experience has shown that the joint efforts of the OEM and a technology provider, such as PREMAS AG, are the basis to successfully realize a Predictive Maintenance Solution.

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